How to Shop for Furniture as New Parents?

It may be challenging as new parents to furnish your home if you have no prior exposure to furniture. New parents may be moving into a new home that will need both in-door and outdoor furniture. How to purchase that? Some may think shopping is a simple as going to the store to pickup any material. It is a touch decision-making strategy to come with ideas on how to furnish your home.

To buy furniture, before going to the required designs and colours, you have to spot the reliable store that offers high quality materials. It is not all about the prices but quality. Moving into a new home is a life-time investment, and as new parents you would like to make it worth-living for. Therefore, you cannot resort to cheap prices of low quality. Preference should go to durable, water resistant, and scratch resistant furniture.

How to buy in-door furniture?


How to Maintain Your Outdoor Furniture in Every Season

Outdoor furniture is one of the most luxurious and enjoyed aspects of having a garden or backyard space. It brings a new purpose to any outdoor space, offering you and your family the opportunity to lounge and entertain under the sky or stars in as elaborate or intimate  a setting as you desire.  Most importantly, it provides you with the opportunity to personalise the exterior of your house just as you have done with the interior, allowing it to reflect your personal tastes and cater to your desires for the space. However, for those of us that don’t live in warm climates year-round, there remains the question of how to maintain outdoor furniture in the colder and wetter months. There are certain types of garden furniture that, when properly maintained, are much more durable than most other options. Teak and metal furniture are known as two of the most durable materials for outdoor furniture, and if maintained properly, can give you years of good use.

Teak Furniture

Teak furniture like farmhouse dining tables, has long been known as the weather warrior of outdoor furniture, as it is extremely hard wearing and fully weatherproofed. It can resist most elements, and providing that you do store it away in particularly harsh weather, it will remain your outdoor furniture material of choice for years to come. Teak is built with natural oils that allow it to maintain itself in a truly self-sufficient way. It is important to note that the original honey colour of teak will turn into a soft, silvery grey within a few months, which is just the natural outer layer of oil evaporating. To keep the original colour, there are special cleaners and teak sealers that can be used to prolong the weathering process. This is not recommended, however, for teak that has yet to turn to its gray colour.


Easy & Simple Outdoor Patio Design Ideas

Adding the touch of beauty and grace to house is a dream of every homemaker. You can fulfill this beautiful dream by decorating outdoor and indoor space. Designing the whole structure enhances the appearance and showcases the taste and sophistication. The size of your courtyard determines how big you will make your outdoor patio.

outdoor patio designs and ideas

Without an iota of doubt, outdoor patios are commonly used as a way to decorate the outer area of house indoor living room. The patios can be designed depending on your lifestyle. If you like to enjoy in tranquil environment, that sort of patio outdoor furniture should be introduced. If you enjoy more cooking delicacies then patio should be designed accordingly. Whatever is your choice, we have come up with a list of ideas that not only enhances the outlook of your patio, but also inspire you to live like a fresco throughout the year.


Tips & Tricks to Cleaning Your Blinds & Curtains

Window treatments are more than just decorative elements to add to an interior of a house. While they do look beautiful, they also serve the important purpose of allowing you to control the amount of light that comes in, which becomes essential in avoiding the bleaching of furniture or the sun’s staining of the wooden floors, as well as the degree of privacy. All window treatments should be dusted monthly no matter what.

There a few reasons why our curtains can get so dirty. When your windows are open, the curtains will absorb moisture and attract dirt from outside. When the windows are closed, the air and dirt particles can get through the cracks and drafts. Draperies are also where dust and dirt from ceiling fans and air vents settle. In this article are 3 of the major different types of window coverings and the best tried and true methods to keep them clean on a regular as well as yearly basis.

How to clean your curtains and blinds


How to choose a colour scheme for your Kitchen

Choosing the right colours for your home can be both a fun and intimidating experience. When it comes to designing the kitchen, you have a lot of freedom with the colours you choose and the mood you want to evoke when in the space or just passing through. It is important to remember, however, that not all colours work everywhere. Here are a few tried and true tips when embarking on the creation of a colour scheme for your kitchen.

What is the focal point of the space?

Your kitchen needs a colour scheme that can compliment the existing flow of the space. If it has no focal point yet, choose one, or better yet, use the colour scheme as the focal point. If you choose this as your plan, consider this carefully when choosing your colours. If you would like to choose an element in your kitchen as the focal point, start with the least flexible element. It will always be easier to adjust colours on cabinets, such as stains and paints, or wall colours, to match your granite or tile colours.


Choose the Right Lighting For Your Home

Although not the first thing on a new homeowner’s mind, lighting is one of the most important parts of interior design. Good and well thought-out lighting choices will really set the mood for the rooms in the house and can promote feelings of well-being and calm. It is also necessary to have the right wattage and fixtures for the particular tasks you will be using each room for, such as cooking, reading, writing, eating, entertaining, etc. Your lighting choices should mainly depend on the size of the room and the intended mood and purpose. In this article is a guide to choosing lighting for the different rooms of your house.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is an important one because you do a lot of closely scrutinised cooking and preparing in this room on a daily basis. Therefore, the lighting here must be both functional and decorative. Opt for bright lights and higher watt bulbs near the sink and oven, and choose a light that glows brightly and is close to the colour of daylight to help you see clearly. For these sorts of workplaces, go for a decorative fluorescent fixture centered over your workspace.


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