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Your employee is sitting in a wrongly designed and uncomfortable office chair for a lengthy span of time, and then completing the job flawlessly on time, it is really a hard act to follow for the employee. That is why you should think more about the comfort of your employees while buying new, refurbished or used furniture for your office.

You can think about your wallet later on. And, there is a Self explanatory wisdom behind this idea. The wrong furniture throws a spanner in the productivity of employees as a significant part of their working time is wasted in finding a comfortable posture.

The furniture you are going to buy might appear to be innocuous. However, it can take a toll on the health and productivity of employees. When you have limited budget constraints or you want to save money on the office furniture, you can. You can buy refurbished or used office furniture. Refurbished and used furniture is easily available online at affordable prices. When you are ready to invest a decent amount of money, go for new office furniture.

If it is hard for you to come to a decision whether you should buy new, refurbished or used furniture, we are here to clear the air. You have three options and every option has its own pros and cons. And, one-by-one, we will discuss pros and cons of all three options.


New Furniture

Furniture is an important and expensive investment for a business. There are several aspects buyers have to consider while buying new office furniture. With the familiarity of the pros and cons of buying furniture, you can make the decision easily.


More Comfortable      

Manufacturers are constantly trying to manufacture the most comfortable, efficient and ergonomic designs for office furniture. While designing furniture, manufacturers are emphasizing on the efficiency and productivity.

New Warranty

When you are buying used furniture, the warranty is almost about to expire or it is already expired. Warranty is like an insurance on your investment. If something goes wrong, the product will be replaced.


An upgraded space always impresses employees and clients. The new furniture catches the eyes of clients and it is also a great way for impressing new clients.   



The only con of new furniture is the cost. The new furniture is very expensive when compared to refurbished and used furniture. An office with a restricted budget cannot buy new furniture. And, if you want customized new furniture, it is going to dig deep into your wallet.  

Refurbished Furniture

Refurbished furniture is an excellent choice when the cost of new furniture does not fit into your needs. Here are the cons of investing in refurbished furniture:


Most of the refurbished furniture providers can refurbish the furniture according to your needs. You can actually work with a provider to make chairs, cubicles and desks that can perfectly fit into the workspace.


Unlike new furniture, the refurbished furniture does not make a burning hole in your wallet. Even when you are customizing refurbished furniture, it will cost lesser than new furniture.



New furniture always comes with a warranty. However, this might not be same with the refurbished furniture. Refurbished furniture providers do provide a warranty but for a limited span of time.

Used Furniture

This is the best option available to small and medium-sized start-up companies. When there is a good number of suppliers selling and delivering used office furniture, you need not worry much about the additional costs.



Cost is the biggest advantage. It is way less than the cost of new and refurbished furniture.     


You are also contributing to the environment by investing in previously owned furniture. The furniture will not be sent to the landfill.  


Quality and life

The life and quality of the used furniture are less when compared to new and refurbished furniture.


Most of the times, the used office furniture comes without warranty. So, if a piece of furniture is damaged, then you have to incur the repair or replacement cost.    

Not customized

This option is not available with used office furniture. You have to adjust with what is available to you.


It clearly depends on your budget and needs. When you have significant funds, you can even buy customised new furniture. When your budget is tight, you can invest the used furniture.