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So you want to improve your office culture and maybe liven things up a bit in your work area. You don’t want to go overboard and let these new ideas become a reality that distracts you from your actual work. However, you do want a refreshing change that, when implemented into the work day correctly, can not only be a fun surrounding for you and your work colleagues but leave you motivated to get back into work tasks when lunchtime and breaks are over. On top of this choosing, the right office furniture and add-ons can make you feel better about the whole work day period and this can not only be beneficial for employers in their place of work but it can be beneficial to make clients feel good about themselves in this environment ultimately leading to better results all around.

Whether it be at work stations or communal break rooms you will always want employers to be happy with their surroundings and on top of this you will want them to be at their most productive at all possible times and the work area can play a huge role in this. As well as the obvious tables, chairs, computers, and lighting, which can all, of course, be customised, what can you add to this to take your place of work to the next level with regards to the aforementioned?

If you haven’t already got one then the first suggestion would be a television. Watching TV on breaks is a good way to relax your mind and re-energise yourself as well as educate, inform, and entertain yourself at the same time depending on what you watch. Watching TV can also be a point of discussion and debate wherein several people can comment on the content on the screen thus building a positive team morale. It’s a must that a television should be the first thing installed into the office to begin the change of the work culture.

Taking things a step further and, not only staying on course to improve the work area morale but giving people some exercise, a pool table and/or a table tennis set up would be ideal. In an office environment where people are sat for the majority of the day, a pool or tennis table would be great for several reasons. The first is that it will get you up from that seating position and let you stretch your legs, keeping you more healthy and active. Secondly, this is an activity for the whole team to bond over. When playing pool or table tennis you can play in teams involving everybody that wants to be involved in the activity. Also, something like this could be good where you keep the same teams and play each other everyday over the course of a week and by the end of the week you can see who wins and incorporating amusing bets and forfeits for losses you can definitely build a good working environment.

Snacks and drinks machines are always a good idea too. Of course these days there is more commonplace in the working area but I feel the need to mention them as a necessity for several reasons. The first is convenience. People who may not want to leave the office for reasons such as being busy, weather etc can obviously tie themselves over with a snack. Secondly, if people forgot food or don’t have anything from home to bring in, again, a snack machine will come in handy. I would suggest making sure that the contents of a snack machine are varied, you will want sweets alongside healthy options giving the user a choice to suit their wants. A hungry person can’t work to their full capabilities and a snack can come in handy for this reason too.

As I mentioned at the start having things such as work tables, chairs, computers, and lighting are, of course, a must. However, you can also implicate these items into the planning of updating your work based morale within the office. Maybe people could have a choice of their seats and tables within reasons on the budget, size, and health and safety. As far as their computers go maybe everyone could decorate their own workstations to a degree that something there represents them without overcrowding the work space. Something like a small photo in a frame, a small ornament, or a soft toy, something from home that is your personal choice giving some of your personal flavour to your workspace thus making you feel more at home and at ease to work under all circumstances.  Of course not too much distraction can be taken from work as the work is the priority so be sensible with regards to this. Ideally to create a workplace where non-employers would wish to work and where the current workers enjoy what they have whilst knowing the limits of what they can and can’t do would be perfect so strive for this and use the above to improve your current office culture and breathe new life into your current situation.