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Most of the time, people are afraid to experiment while decorating their homes. They like to play it safe and stick to neutral colors and traditional furnishings. Consequently, their homes turn out to be boring and dull, lacking any personality. If you are fed up of your old living room, it’s time to give it a makeover.

Every minor thing in the room contributes to its atmosphere and appearance. Hence, you don’t need to change everything. You can spice up the room by updating and adding few, simple features!

Here are 5 awesome ideas to glam up your lifeless living room!

  • Show-Stopping Rug

A rug is the soul of a room as it brings together the look of a room. A right rug is, in fact, the basis of a stunning space. Hence, switching the old rug with a new one can transform the room!

A bright, quirky rug can be the pop of color and the piece of art on the floor. You can also try layering rugs for bringing in multiple colors, patterns, and textures. This can replenish the missing oomph in your drab living room. Or if you plan to go for vibrant sofa, tone it down with a neutral rug. Everything in the room should be color coordinated with your rug to bring unity to the whole space.

  • Striking Art Display

Are your bare living room walls glaring at you? Is your old display screaming for a change? If yes, it’s time to shop for new and unique art to pep up the dreary living room surroundings.You can also show your creativity through DIY wall art projects. There are endless ideas for decorating your walls. You can have a whole wall for the precious moments captured in the photographs. You can have a beautiful,big statement mirror on one of the walls. Be artistic and use your imagination to jazz up your walls. These art pieces would show your taste and be a true reflection of your personality.

  • Funky Piece of Furniture

Want to give a twist to your living room without going too bold? Add a stylish couch or funky ottoman to complement rest of the traditional furniture. It is a subtle way of transforming your space.

Adding a leather seat in a contrasting color would alter your room’s feel along with providing a cosy nook for reading books or enjoying your coffee. An oversized couch in an unusual pattern with some throw pillows would give a modern feel to your place. A fashionable ottoman would be an ideal coffee table and would an interesting addition in the living room as well.

  • Light it Right

Lighting is another aspect of your living room that can make a significant difference. The way you light up your room will change up its whole ambience and feel.

People usually go for harsh ceiling lights which are an obvious choice. But, it’s better to opt for table and floor lamps along with the ceiling lights. These would beautifully highlight different zones in your living room. Having dimmer with the lamps will also let you control the brightness in your room. These multiple light sources would spread warm and soft light throughout your space creating a cozy environment.

  • Mix up the Colors

If your whole living room is painted in one color, it’s time to change it up and play with the colors. Think of new combinations to freshen up your space. Picking up the right color that goes well with the rest of your room is the key to creating the perfect balance in your room.

You can go for the textured paint to give more character to your walls. Paint one of the walls in a bright hue to add zing to your room.

With the five steps above, you can easily turn your boring, messy living room into the stylish space you’ve always imagined.

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